The logo of the World Airline Road Race featuring a globe of the world surrounded by a laurel wreath.

World Airline Road Race Festival London 2010

The event logo of the World Airline Road Race 2010 London featuring a running shoe whose lace forms the course of the river Thames over well known London landmarks

The Event Charity


registered charity 1117303

One of the objectives of the World Airline Road Race is to generate funds for one or more local charities.


For the World Airline Road Race 2010 we are delighted to have Dreamflight as an event charity.


Dreamflight provides holidays of a lifetime for seriously ill and disabled children.  The charity was founded in 1987 by serving British Airways flying staff to provide a one-off holiday of a lifetime to Orlando for 288 children who wouldn't otherwise get such an opportunity.  The event was such a success that it has been repeated every year since.  British Airways continues to provide considerable support but Dreamflight is independent both financially and organisationally from the airline.  The total cost each year of the holiday of the lifetime is around 600,000.  This year we'd like to give them a significant contribution towards that target.


For more details visit the Dreamflight website at (opens new window).