The logo of the World Airline Road Race featuring a globe of the world surrounded by a laurel wreath.

World Airline Road Race Festival London 2010

The event logo of the World Airline Road Race 2010 London featuring a running shoe whose lace forms the course of the river Thames over well known London landmarks

Tours and Trips







A visitor could easily spend a fortnight in London without feeling the need to travel beyond the borders of the city.  A small selection of the less well known sites will appear here.


London is fully connected by rail and road to the rest of Britain and tours will be possible to all of Britain's Internationally known locations such as Stratford-on-Avon (the birthplace of Shakespeare),  Ironbridge (the home of the Industrial Revolution),  Edinburgh (the Scottish capital) and Willowtree Lane, Bury  (or wherever it was that your great grandfather was born before he left Britain all those years ago).


London is also ideally placed should you want to make 2010 the year that you travel on to that place in Europe that you've been meaning for years to get around to visiting.  Start making your plans now!

The Monument to the Great Fire of London just down the road from the T Shirt Party venue.  Great views from the top including of Tower Bridge (opposite) but be warned - 311 steps and no elevator!