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2019 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2019 WARR Page  
2018 Victoria, BC Canada 2018 WARR Page "From Sea to Sky"
2017 Singapore 2017 WARR Page "Rain Shine Run Singapore"
2016 Chicago, Illinois 2016 WARR Page "Running with the Wind"
2015 Dubai, UAE 2015 WARR Page "Run the Sun, Sand and Skyscrapers"
2014 Dublin, Ireland 2014 WARR Page "Stay for the Craic!"
2013 Stellenbosch, South Africa 2013 WARR Page "Running Wild"
2012 Qingdao, China 2012 WARR Page "Running with Dragons"
2011 Grapevine, Texas 2011 WARR Page "Running with the Big Dogs"
2010 London, England 2010 WARR Page "Run The Frog & Toad"
2009 Hangzhou, China 2009 WARR Page "One World, One More Dream"
2008 Ottawa, Canada [under development] "Run The Rideau"
2007 Sydney, Australia [under development] "Run The Harbour Down Under"
2006 Amsterdam, The Netherlands [under development] "Running with Rembrandt"
2005 Calgary, Alberta, Canada [under development] "How the West was Run"
2004 Prague, Czech Republic [under development] "Hundred Spires Run"
2003 Orlando, Florida [under development] "Making Magic"
2002 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [under development] "The Heat is On"
2001 Lucerne, Switzerland [under development] "Feel the magic Swiss Alps"
2000 Cancun - Mexico [under development] "Race to the Millennium"
1999 Vancouver - Canada [under development] "Race the Rim of the Pacific"
1998 Brussels, Belgium [under development] "A Run Through the Capital of Europe"
1997 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [under development] "The Running Topic in the Tropic"
1996 Atlanta Georgia [under development] "The Crossroads to the World"
1995 Durban, South Africa [under development] "Where the Fun Never Sets"
1994 Ottawa, Canada [under development] "Ottawa Welcomes the World"
1993 Dublin, Ireland [under development] "A Dublin Saunter"
1992 Cancun, Mexico [under development] "A Running Fiesta"
1991 San Francisco, California [under development] "Come Leave Your Heart in San Francisco"
1990 Fort Worth, Texas [under development] "Deep In the Heart of Texas"
1989 Hamburg, Germany [under development] "Run In The Midst of 800 Years of History"
1988 Washington, D.C. [under development] "A Monumental Experience"
1987 Sydney, Australia [under development] "The WARR Down Under"
1986 Atlanta, Georgia [under development] "A Run with Southern Hospitality"
1985 London, England [under development] "A Royal Good Time in London"
1984 Honolulu, Hawaii [under development] "A Vacation Run In Paradise"
1983 Orlando, Florida [under development] "The World's Most Perfect Race"
1982 San Francisco, California [under development] "WARR Declared in San Francisco"