The logo of the World Airline Road Race featuring a globe of the world surrounded by a laurel wreath.

World Airline Road Race Festival London 2010

The event logo of the World Airline Road Race 2010 London featuring a running shoe whose lace forms the course of the river Thames over well known London landmarks

Festival Signup

No Festival Week Signup:

All participants need to have competed Festival Signup before arriving in London.  Anyone who has not signed-up by 22nd September will not be able to run in the races or get the T Shirt.



Race Entry:

On the booking form selection of either the 5k race or the 10k race allows you to run and win awards in BOTH races although you will only get one race medal.




Children at the Awards Party:

Children under the age of 18 will need a full ticket and will need to leave by 9pm.

This event promises to be big.  Forecasts of likely attendance, made by the team captains, exceed the capacity of the course and Awards Party venue.  Early signup is therefore strongly recommended. 


Signup is managed by the International Committee from the International Website via this link:


International Website Registration Page (opens in new window)


Use the link to Signup for the Festival and to order tickets for the Awards Party.  Note that the booking service used makes a booking charge and, because the fees are in UK Pounds, there will be currency costs, however we believe that this Festival will deliver great value for money.

What does it cost and what do you get?

The Festival (race) fee is 30. Competitors affiliated with UK Athletics are entitled to a 2 reduction in the festival fee.  This will be offered as a refund at or before festival registration. Plans are subject to change depending on the numbers booking but the expectation is that for your Festival fee you will get:

The Awards Party fee is 40.  Again subject to change you should expect to get:

The Awards Party will be at the Fox@ExCeL which will prove to be a wonderful location for this party.  The venue will have restricted seating and an adult themed show.  All attendees must be ticketed in advance. Children, with full tickets, will be accepted BUT licensing rules are such that all people under the age of 18 will need to vacate the premises by 9pm which will be before the main awards have been presented.

Race and Awards Eligibility

Although the event is focused on airline staff, entry by non-airline staff will only be restricted if the number of participants is approaching a course or venue constraint.  Family and friends of airline staff and staff of supporting companies are encouraged to participate and may even form themselves into "non-airline" teams.


Eligibility for the main individual and team awards are restricted to current and retired employees of passenger or freight airlines or companies whose principle business is directly airline transportation related (such as administrating airports or providing aircraft services).  If in doubt then contact us to check your eligibility for awards.  There also a small number of non-airline trophies eligibility for which is that you are NOT current or retired employees of such companies.


The races are organised according to UK Athletics rules and these state that competitors need to be over 11 for the 5k and 15 or over for the 10k.


For other race eligibility questions please contact the race director.