The logo of the World Airline Road Race featuring a globe of the world surrounded by a laurel wreath.

World Airline Road Race Festival London 2010

The event logo of the World Airline Road Race 2010 London featuring a running shoe whose lace forms the course of the river Thames over well known London landmarks

Supporters and Sponsors

The World Airline Road Race is non-profit making and all the members of the International Committee and the Host Committee are volunteers with no one drawing an income from the event. Any surplus funds generated are divided between the fund for future events and the donation to be made to the year’s designated charities.


Our aim for the London event is for it to be viable as a self-funding venture. The largest source of income will be the participants’ entry fees for the race and awards party. Supporters and sponsors will be invited to join in and their input will make the event better and allow a greater proportion of the event's income to be donated to Charity.

What do we need?

Input can be through services or products provided free or at cost or through the funding of elements needed for the event such as drinking water or marshalling bibs.  A supporter might prefer their name to be associated with a specific activity within the whole event.  See the Event Opportunities section for examples.

What's in it for you?

The presentation of your brand image directly to the event's participants (see Your Audience) and indirectly to the tens of thousands of people who will see the events taking place or hear about them afterwards through media coverage.


Branding is possible on all of the following items:


Media Coverage

We would expect the event to be featured in local London newspapers and in airline industry newspapers worldwide. This is likely to include the popular Highlife Magazine carried on BA aircraft.

Levels of Support

Supporters are typically branded as Gold, Silver or Bronze depending on their relative contribution towards the whole event.